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Smokoo - What a weekend!

Posted by: The Oracle

The Oracle

Okay so things have been rather quiet as I have been working extremely hard and have not really had the time to go onto the site and of course end of month bills to pay. Responsibility comes first so we pay before we play.

Anyway in the last week I have won some small items one being a 23.5" Samsung HD LCD screen which is cool but nothing really huge. That was until yesterday everything turned around.

Smokoo sent out an email on Friday that was just to tempting, all credits bought over the weekend would be doubled but the proviso was that the free ones had to be used up by Sunday night and that was where the fun began.

I loaded credits and for the first time ever was not afraid of losing because I was playing with their money so to speak. What a blast, sleep was definitely optional and it ended with me waking this morning to find the following had happened:

Apple TV - R120.90

Shell digital scale - R41.65

A 500 credit pack - R300

And then it finally happened I won my TV a beautiful 40 inch Sony Bravia LCD for the bargain price of R5.12. After all the times I have tried but failed, endless hours of effort it finally paid off now today I can mount this beauty in the bed room and my wife and daughter can watch as they fall asleep together.

I am so stoked and danced and shouted late last night when I won, it is so amazing to finally get that one item that has alluded me.

From the looks of their Facebook page they have 20 of them on auction over the next few days so I am not alone in the happiness and soon to be happiness.

Oh and to cap it off I won another iPad, the big one with all the bells and whistles. Even though they did tell me last week when I called about coming to collect my computer screen that they will have the iPad 2 up soon.

So now what? Well I have exactly one gold item left and one silver for the next 30 days and well to be honest the Rolex coming up today is tempting but lets see.

If any of you have ever doubted that you can win then send me a message and let me help you, if done right you can.

Am I over doing it, maybe but the fact is I hate seeing a site attacked unfairly when it is not a scam, if you doubt me wait for the pictures late of everything all together that I have won.

Have a fabulous day and hopefully one of you wins the KIA Picanto Striker that begins in the next hour and a half.


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written by netweb, July 24, 2011
Im impressed...
Help me pleeeease..

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