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ShoxMaxi - Impressive sound

Posted by: Sameer

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Shox MaxiIn the week I had the opportunity to listen to a Shox mini speaker from a aunt. I was so taken aback by the sound and clarity of such a small speaker that I asked her so many questions about the product, and the fact that I definitely would not mind getting such a speaker system. Anyway, cutting a long story short, she got me my very own Shox speaker for my birthday. What was even better is the fact that this is the Shox Maxi, one category higher than the mini. I was so chuffed.

In the package of the maxi you will find the following:

  • A single 40mm in size speaker (All I know is this means more better bass clarity from a non-technical perspective)
  • An all-in-one cable with 3.5mm jack (now this is your standard jack that fits in ipod's, PSP's, MP3 players) on one end with a mini USB connection to the speaker and another USB connection to plug into a power source like a laptop to charge up the built in battery. Oh and let me tell you about the battery, which has 11 hours of shocking life before you need to charge up again (well I haven't yet tested this part as I am still in the excitement of writing this while listening)
  • A cool suede-like draw-string carry bag to cart this pocket sized monster around


shox connection system


Lets talk about the speaker itself. 

  • The 40mm cone gives clear sound and solid bass (especially for such a small speaker) on top
  • On the side you will find a rotary volume control
  • Opposite end is the power switch
  • On the other side you will find another 3.5mm socket that is an audio out to connect other Shox speakers
  • And on the opposite side of that you will see the mini USB input that provides sound from your laptop/ipod/mp3 player or any source that uses the 3.5mm jack. This also provides power and charging to the speak.
  • At the bottom of the speaker you also find another 3.5mm cable neatly tucked in to provide direct sound without the need for the cable as well as an LED light shining blue when on and red when on charge
  • Oh and the most important "twist and turn" feature of the speaker expands it to almost double its height when untwisted, giving room for the speaker to vibrate that bass sound


The Shox Maxi is a perfect companion to carry around when you need that voice extra clarity and enhanced bass if you have an average laptop sound system. It is also perfect to carry around with an ipod, MP3 player or any device that uses the 3.5mm jack. Also, if added to more than one speaker, I am sure you could end up with a really loud system.


Perfect for portability but does not replace your traditional desktop speakers or stereo system in terms of loudness as well as bass. At the same time, for the size of the speaker it might just surprise you in what it can deliver comparatively.


In my opinion this is an accessory that's very much needed in your laptop bag as your mouse. You may not use it all the time but it gives a different dimension to sound when you really need it.

All in all I would say this is a great quality solid product, well packaged with clear documentation. For more information and pricing, check out:








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written by Charmed, October 29, 2010
I also have a set, I love the sound quality!

Nice present smilies/smiley.gif
written by RIC007GP, November 01, 2010
I have one and agree that is great as a portable solution, but they do not replace a proper speaker system for best sound reproduction.

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