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Should and how do you publish an obituary on Facebook?

Posted by: DBS

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I purchased the mail and Guardian last week to provide some good newspaper reading during the festive period when, quite frankly, journalism lowers its content to zero.

In it they had the full report card on Government which is always a good read and then a 2010 Obituaries to cover those araound the world who have gone to meet their maker. reading through them, it was not just a list but also had a few words about their achievements, I cam across this little gem.

'James "Jimi" Heselden (62), British entrepreneur who bought the Segway company in 2010, of injuries sustained apparently after falling off a cliff while riding one of the motorised standing scooters'

I would have to nominate that one for a Darwin award.

When the chuckle induced tears subsided I thought about what would I like my obituary, should I be famous enough to make the M&G departed list, to say?

I have still not decided the wording but I did think about some logistical problems associated with an obituary as it is not likely that I will be famous enough for the M&G.

If I would like it to appear on my facebook page or Twitter who would put it on there? At what stage do you entrust someone with your password to enable them to do it?

Do you leave your password in your will? and that poses problems for those of us who do change passwords?

I have no immediate answer but maybe someone could suggest a solution.

Also if you have done a virtual death on Facebook, did you write on your wall your intention to leave and if so for how long did you leave it up their before consigning your profile down the electronic drain hole?


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written by YoUnG DiVa, January 02, 2011
I dont think it would be nice if your friends log on to Facebook and see their dead friends latest status update.... So no to leaving the password in the will.
Just imagine wat bombs could go off when the significant other dives into their secret online life of cheating, deaking drugs, watching cheap porn or writting blogs about them, lol
written by Doolally, January 03, 2011
It would be funny to log on and see deceased on the persons profile... Why not contact face book and ask them what there suggestion is?
written by redsaid, January 03, 2011
I have two people on my Facebook friends list who have passed away since befriending me on Facebook. The one passed away in 2008, the other in 2009. I knew both of them in real life, but was informed of the one's death via the social networking site as I had no contact with him apart from the site and e-mail. The other passed away after an illness, and after the funeral, his children wondered if they should delete their dad's account. I told them if it doesn't bug THEM to keep it up, to let it remain. I've found that many people opt not to delete the deceased from their friend's list, but instead to still acknowledge those people on their birthdays (by writing on their walls), the anniversary of their passing, etc. I know you could probably just create tribute pages for that person in their memory, but as I've said, many people don't have the hearts to delete those people from their friends list, myself included.

I've found this old article (2009) from Time dealing with Facebook and death:,00.html but I don't know if they ever went ahead with plans to do some of those things states in the article, such as permanently sealing off the person's account. (How would they know that someone died anyway unless being notified by loved ones, and that an inactive account is not just merely dormant due to a person who is very much alive but simply not bothering to log in to the site anymore?)

There is even a Facebook discussion thread pondering the same question:

On a lighter note, my chosen epitaph has long since been the following: I DEMAND A SECOND OPINION!

Or: Chisel it in stone
And let it be known
Red has finally found
Her funny bone
written by Doolally, January 04, 2011
HAHA that is a great epitahsmilies/wink.gif

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