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She’s the Geek Interviews: Acidicice

Posted by: Shesthegeek


So acidicice, tell our readers a little about yourself and what you do?
I work for a telecommunications company. I deal with high level customer escalations, but our department and team also do trend analysis and escalate and manage major network outages. Right now I am on maternity leave and will be returning to work at the end of July

Has technology changed your life in any way?
To a great extent. I have connected with wonderful people via social media and have been helped in wonderful ways as a new mom. There is always someone available and willing to help when you need practically anything. It is also a great resource to find out about companies before you make use of their services.

Take us through a typical day in your life.
As I’m currently at home with my 3 months old baby my days are spent caring for him and doing housework. We wake up early (around 06:00/06:30), feed and play until it is time for a nap. This is usually when I get the housework done until baby wakes up again. Repeat. Not terribly exciting, but currently a highlight in my life. I am permanently on Twitter and check in on Facebook every now and then.
What are your current projects?
I am currently focusing on being a good mom. I am fortunate enough to have 6 months maternity leave to spend with my new baby and I am loving every minute of it. Soon I will need to hunt for a place for my baby to stay when I go back to work, but I am currently avoiding the issue since I would much rather not leave him with anyone else. I suppose it is a reality all mothers that do not have the ability to stay at home with their children have to face.

Why do you Blog?
I started messing around on a blog in 2005 ( and later moved my blog to blogger. I started having a lot of family issues and found that blogging about them helped. In 2008 when we lost our first baby at 22 weeks my whole world fell apart around me. I blogged about my experience candidly and found it to be an amazing therapeutic outlet. I received overwhelming support, love, thoughts and prayers through my comments section and made some friends that I will be eternally grateful for. I truly believe that my blog and my readers saved my life after that experience. If I had bottled up everything I was going through I might have done something stupid.
My blog is a very personal space. It is all about me and my experiences. Some people don’t find that interesting and I respect that, but I would blog whether or not people read it (although I love having a readership). Since 2009 I have my own domain.

You can find my blog at Acidicice

What social media tools do you use?
I use Twitter extensively (as my almost 27 000 tweets will tell you) and Facebook, but not as much. I mainly use Facebook to post photo albums since Twitter doesn’t have this feature.
I must admit I’m a bit of a Twaddict ;)

How many hours do you spend on the Internet?

Sjoe. Too many. Now that I am at home I easily spend around 5 to 7 hours on the internet per day – this includes tweeting from my cellphone.

What advice would you give to a newbie starting out?
It takes a while to get into things. You don’t necessarily feel natural at blogging or tweeting immediately. It takes a while and a little encouragement from your readers for you to feel like you’re doing something meaningful.
For Twitter: Twitter is interactive. Twitter is not like a Facebook status update. It is so difficult to explain to people what the difference is. You need to interact with people on Twitter in order to gain followers. You need to follow people and talk to them in order for them to notice you. You won’t necessarily find friends from school or people you know from your old job on Twitter. Twitter is a group of people you probably haven’t met before that don’t know you exist until you show them.
Someone said it very well: ‘Facebook is for the people you went to school with, Twitter is for the people you wish you went to school with’. You will find people there with similar interests and always find something to entertain you, but be warned – it IS addictive!

What are your top 5 favourite websites?
Um…can I say my own? LOL. I don’t do a lot of surfing or ‘stumbling’ so the social media websites are going to have to be in here. I spend most of my time on sites where I am interacting with other people rather than it being a one way communication, so I’d have to say my blog, Twitter, Facebook, The Oatmeal and Gmail.

Where do you look when you need a little inspiration?
I used to listen to music (Alanis Morissette being my favourite and most inspirational artist), but right now I am inspired and in awe of my little baby. He truly is a little miracle. The most amazing thing to ever happen in my life. In the words of Live ‘I don’t need no one to tell me about heaven, I look at my daughter and I believe’

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