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Google is listening.

Google has release a really cool search feature that is quite advanced.

Want to search for something, but don’t know how to spell it?  Google has always been able to do a spell check and search for what it assumes is the correct spelling of you search term.  That in itself is quite a funky feature, but wait, there is more.

Have you ever has the urge to be a pilot?  Put on the aviator sun glasses, wear the jacket, and don the headphones with a swivel boom mike?  Don’t have an aeroplane to fly around in?  Not to worry, now is your chance.

Get the gear, especially the headphones with swivel boom mike and head on over to  Please note that is must be the .com version and not the local version.  Once you have loaded up the search page, look for the little microphone that is in the right of the search box.  Click on it, and now tell Google what it is that you are looking for.  Try to avoid Proper nouns like your own name and surname, because the results can be quite embarrassing if you have a unique surname like mine.

I tried search strings like “Computer Graphics Cards” and “Flights to South Africa”.  Granted the technology is not perfect and it has a problem with our calm and rich South African accent, but overall it gets the idea and manages to do an adequate search.


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