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Say NO to Clowns, here is why...

Posted by: thenack

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Why I Fear Clowns


Who do they think their fooling? CLowns? I’m telling you now, clowns are bad news. Let’s take a look at why I say so:

Clowns are not funny, but somehow, they have created the impression that they are. This type of mind controll can only be evil by nature. You find yourself sitting there in the circus, looking at some “thing” slipping on a banana peel, and you are involentarily forcing out laughter of the evil plan kind. Charlie Chaplin was the last person to make banana slipping funny, you know this, but still you laugh. IT IS BECAUSE THEIR ARE IN YOUR HEAD.

 YOu see clowns real colors come out when they go on holiday. I present some evidence.

 Exhibit one, Scotish bagpipe gimp clown. How evil is that, gimp+bagpipe+clown = bleeding eardrums. Don’t look now, but he is behind you…


                                                                                                                                     Exhibit two, this happened at the anual Dutch clown orgy, they burned the place down. Evil Bastards



Exhibit three, this little girl is going to be eaten and her stupid parents don’t care. She knows



Exhibit 4, just when you are not looking, BAM, they flash your daughter. This is that guy from Sin City, stink boy.



Say NO to clowns, if you have any more evidence, please send to

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