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Lately I've been having this overwhelming urge to write. Poetry? Prose? I don't know... Content? Fiction? Non-fiction? I'm not really sure... I do sit in front of my laptop for hours on end just strumming my fingers lightly over the keyboard. I do that sometimes, when I don't know what to write, yet the muse is shackled ever so slightly on my left shoulder. Never the right shoulder. I'm sure if she tries hard enough she could break free, but noooo.. She just sits there, quite happily restrained. Laughing. Then when the tapping of keyboard starts to bore me, I'd play around with a few sentences. Deleting them and start again. And so goes the process till I just close the document without saving. I like to write; I like to ramble about what ever tickles my fancy. Or scratches it, for that matter... Truth be told. I don't write hardly enough. So, pardon my ramblings, give me some space to clear the cobwebs out.

SAPO strike and why I'm glad about it :D

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Our office was abuzz with debate on Wednesday when we received word that the CWU (Communication Workers Union) was arranging a National Stay Away Strike against SAPO, starting 20 August. Most of us agreed to continue our regular work schedule, some wasn't sure when whether they wanted to strike or not, and 1 lady in particular was very adament that she's gonna stay away. Yet, everybody showed up for work yesterday. Including the adament one.

Today, same thing. All of us reported for duty. Roundabout 1pm I heard a terrible commotion from the counter area. Apparently some CWU members and picketeers showed up to take photo's of us working. Also claiming that they'll deduct from our salaries because we're not partaking in the strike. So everybody suddenly decided that they're gonna start striking right then and there. (this was about 12:45) Excuse my ignorance on these matters, but say I work for the South African Post Office, can any other external party or union deduct anything from our salaries? Surely If they do the Labour Court would like to hear about it?

Anyway. So everybody packed they're things up and balanced their counters and off they went (in the process trying to sweep me along too. I like my current income thank you very much. And I want my full salary at the end of the month. No work no pay.) So after the dust settled, There were only three of us left.

What can 3 employees accomplish on our own? Nothing much. All we could do was close the doors and put the "Sorry for the inconvience" posters up and finish our work for the day. Area office confirmed that if 80 % of the work force partake of the strike, the remaining 20 % may go home, with no serious consequences. So, thats why I've been at home since 15:00 *big grin*


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