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SA domain parking - Fraud in my book

Posted by: The Source

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The Source

With the launch of the PlayBook by Research in Motion last night, decided to register the domain



On Twitter South African blogger Marc Forrest shared the news with a tweet:



When you view the Whois records on the Uniform website, you will find confirmation of this by looking at the registrant email:

registrantemail :

Now normally when people do this they are either trying to:

a) drive traffic to their sites by capitalizing from the referrals search engines will be pushing to the domain.

b) actually put up a site where they will be selling the product.

In this case it doesn’t look like is using option A, since the site is not redirecting to It is just resolving on a parked domain notification. So option B might be the future for them.

Other are also doing it

Should you make the mistake of typing in Twitter.CO.ZA instead of .COM, you will be redirected to the website of Clearly the two sites and services have nothing to do with one another. But hey, since you are on the site why not buy The Life of Birds book that is shoving into your face?

Facebook.CO.ZA used to be owned by Chris M from

The net and blogger chats were always dropping lines about the amount of traffic this Search Engine Marketer and Optimizer was/is getting. I have a theory which I am sure you can figure out for yourself. I see is now redirecting to

Quick note: has nothing to do with Google

So basically all these guys are doing is piggy backing on the success of other brands. Have2Have is still in a 50/50 position and could go left or right. is clearly stealing traffic and I have a suspicion that Chris M was/is also getting his fingers sticky.

Some might call it clever, I call it fraud.

You are misleading people and gaining from the success of another company.

How would these companies feel if I start registering domains abroad using their brand names? They would be pissed. I would then take the option to sell them the domain at a massive mark-up and make a small fortune. They would now be fuming.

Like I said: Some might call it clever, I call it fraud.

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written by sgb, September 28, 2010
It is deceipt if not Fraud.
Try to get away with MacDonalds, Wimpey, FNC, or even midigitallife and see how quick you get a response.
The Source
written by The Source, September 28, 2010
Fraud is defined as an intentional deception.

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