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RIM’s BlackBerry Management Center

Posted by: TheeAndre

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I’ve just been previewing RIM’s BlackBerry Management Center and i think this is the future of BlackBerry Device Management for small businesses. Its quite a light weight system with the main features of permissions and remote management for employees. We could say that its BlackBerry Protect managed by your IT Administrator. Its quite easy and fast to setup and you can have it up and running in less that 10 minutes.

The good thing about it is that you can add the most widely used email services like Yahoo, Google Mail, Webmail… I manged to add easily my Google Apps hosted accounts and it still worked irregardless of having multiple domains with different TLDs. This is genius. After you have invited a user, they have to signup with the link that they get to the email address that the invite would’ve been sent to. You cannot login directly onto the website for the first time without using the invite link.

This brings me to the part about the BlackBerry IDs. You cannot sign up for BlackBerry Management Center with the same ID as the Administrator. You will have to create another BlackBerry ID as the admin to manage your BlackBerry as well on the Management Center.

When you access the BlackBerry Management Center via the invite link and you enter your BlackBerry ID, you will need to fill in a couple of details like your IMEI number, your BlackBerry PIN, Cellphone number and a few other Personal details.

If the BlackBerry is personal, you can indicate that & you can assign certain email accounts setup up on your device to be managed by the admin.

Options available via the admin panel on a selected account are Back Up Device, Lock Device, Display Message, Loud Ring & Wipe Device, which are standard BlackBerry Protect features which where integrated in this BES-Lite Cloud Based BlackBerry Management Center.

The BlackBerry Management Center will definitely reflect positive on RIM’s earnings if they market and package this product correctly. I hope BlackBerry packages this based on the limit of the number of users you can add to the account rather than bill according to users. I would rather be paying $30 ~ $40 for an account that would be able to accomodate about 15 or 20 accounts rather than pay a monthly fee per account: $5/User/Month NOP!.

There are quite a bunch of features that are there that i’ll continue to play around with like adding email accounts and resetting passwords on behalf of a user. The BlackBerry Management Center has the ability to add any BlackBerry Device which is either on BIS or BES so this is more of an integrated management center without the hardware.

I will continue to play around with this app and update when i come across anything WOW.

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