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Review : True Grit

Posted by: Paralyzer

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Going to watch a Coen brothers movie is always a tricky affair ,sometimes their movies are brilliant like “the big lebowski”,” No country for old men”, “Millers crossing”, ”fargo” ,sometimes their odd like” Burton Fink” and sometimes they are totally off ie Intolerable cruelty. Their latest True Grit may not be as great as “No country for old men” but it has the right kind of pedigree, dialogue and sentiment to almost make it into the brilliant pile but I have to settle for its just good. The film misses a certain element but its far superior than most things out there.

First things first, the dialogue in this movie is out of this world. I don’t know how many times I found myself chuckling at the lines been thrown at us left right and centre. The fact that they are being delivered by greats like Jeff Bridges , Matt Damon  and the wonderful new comer Hailee Steinfeild who plays the 14 year old Mattie Ross looking for vengeance for his fathers murder is  pure ecstacy. Most film fundi or anyone who reads up a lot will know that “True Grit” is based on a book and has been produced as a film before starring John Wayne who won the Oscar for the same role being played by the dude aka  Jeff Bridges. Jeff Bridges ii having a resurgence of late with great films being attached to his name and True Grit is very noteworthy entry into that list.

Matt Damon ain’t bad as the wanna -be swashbuckling Texas Ranger you almost forget that this is the same guy who played Jason  Bourne in three other films. The young Hailee is brilliant although a bit too brilliant at her fast brains and mouth farm girl with a lot of spunk but the brothers toe the line quite well. Yet the winners are ,as always been with the Coen brothers movies ,the brothers. They infuse True Grit with their own sense of humour, social commentary and odd ball moments that are uniquely them. Even their love of deconstructing cinema motives or archetypes in their movies carries on in this one, the case in point with “True Grit” being  the quintessential western paradigm of the bad guy and good guy .The good guys and bad guys do not clearly act like good guys and bad guys that the genre expects. The brothers do a great job of bringing us back into an old world lost of the wild west, from the first defocused image and for the next 2 hours of the film one feels and sees the old West although with a Coen touch to it.

Yet this feels like their first truly mainstream movie that should please a lot of none fans, but the hard core fans may want more from the Coen’s but at least a good Coen movie is better than most other brilliant movies. Get me right this is a good movie it’s just not brilliant given what we’ve been accustomed from the brothers.

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written by Dissol, February 23, 2011
Anything that replaces "work" done by John Wayne has got to get my approval... smilies/wink.gif
written by Doolally, February 26, 2011
I have always enjoyed the Coen brothers. Though westerns aren't really my cuppa I'll go see True Grit, just because it is a Coen Movie.

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