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Review: Source Code

Posted by: Paralyzer


Who would have thought in 2011 we will have a movie that will throw us back to classics such as Run Lola Run and 12 Monkeys. Both movies deal very well with the issues of time, time travel and philosophical issues that come with it (time travel) in a groundbreaking way.

That’s what Source Code does too and builds on that legacy. A clever and demanding movie directed by the man who made the movie Moon Duncan Jones. This film is both challenging, intelligent and engaging. Yes Hollywood blockbusters sometimes do cater for the thinking man and Source Code does so in spades without skimping on the action and on an engaging story.

The last films with sci-fi tendencies to have all these ingredients in one and they worked beautifully was the Matrix and Inception. Whilst Source Code is not as showy as the Matrix nor does it have the budget of Inception, it delivers the goods. Just don’t go expecting people to be dodging bullet Source Code is more in the mould of Blade Runner where sci-fi-ness of the film is not the driving force.

One could actually mistake Source Code for a low key action/drama movie instead of  a sci-fi movie. If there’s one movie to see in 2011, Source Code ranks up there.

The plot seems simple enough; man needs to re-live the same 8 minutes to find the identity of a bomber and prevent a catastrophe from taking place but like a good movie, the plot gets more complicated not convoluted as the story progresses.

Our hero meets engaging characters that are easy to love such as Michelle Mongahan’s Christina, characters who ask big theological and ideological questions like Jeffrey Wright’s D.Rutledge that makes one think way after the movie is over.

But above all its about the character Colder Stevens; what he goes through, how he understands it and the choices he makes. Colder is an every man caught in an impossible situation, that makes this movie tick than the special effects or philosophical questions it raises. Jake Gyllenhall embodies this character so well one forgets that the last time we saw him on the the big screen, he was playing a Persian prince with somewhat dodgy English accent.

Source code is one of those movies where it’s nice to watch it with as little info about it as possible. Duncan Jones has to be applauded for taking Moon’s low Keyness into Source code. Cause this could have easily been a movie about special effects, computer screens doing all sorts of wizardry in other words another TimeCop movie minus Jean Claude van Damme set in our times. Yet this film is skillfully crafted and focuses on the character and their journey which rewards the audience in abundance. 

Source Code is one of the best films I’ve had the pleasure to see in 2011. Do yourself a favour and check it out. Like the first Matrix no one can be told what the Source Code is you have to experience it for yourself.

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