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Review - Monopoly: Here and Now World Edition

Posted by: riiaan

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Review Monopoly
Recently Monopoly: Here and Now World Edition was released on N-Gage.
I wondered how EA was going to make the game exiting. This is the game you played on rainy days when you were really bored and there was nothing else to do.
For starters they gave the game I real edgy name – Here and Now World Edition. But still you can call a duck, flying fire dragon, but it still is going to be a boring ol’ duck. Did they do anything else?
The game runs just like the normal Monopoly game and it is very easy to play. If you already know how Monopoly works, you can start playing immediately. If not, there is a demo / tutorial to show you how the game works.

I like the playability of the game. There are no long boring cut scenes to watch. No long boring dialogues to read. You select start, and you start playing.
You can select from a variety of opponents, including up to four friends. That could make things interesting. If you forget that you are playing Monopoly.
This is still just plain old Monopoly and we really do not feel like playing Monopoly.
If you are going to start remaking old board games as mobile games, how about the old Mad Magazine game? That was a lot of fun.
Verdict - Don't buy

There is a free download of the game at:
But it turns out that it is just a limited trial version without an option to uninstall. Avoid!
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written by OS GIKEN, January 18, 2010
lol I just love the verdict!smilies/cheesy.gif
The Source
written by The Source, January 18, 2010
So by not giving you the option to uninstall they are probably hoping for an increase in sales.

There should be rules against software and games with this build in to them. Skip rules, make it a law
written by riiaan, January 18, 2010
@Source. Yup, it is just as bad as a Trojan horse! That is dodgy software...makes you wonder what else they are up to...

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