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[Review] Game Dev Story [iPhone]

Posted by: GrahamPeter

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Game Game Dev Story
Developer Kairsoft
Compatible With iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Review Platform iPhone 4
Genre Simulation and Management
Review Version 1.1.1
Store Link Game Dev Story
Price $3.99

Game Dev Story is something of a gem, despite its cutesy look. The title puts you in control of a small game development studio, which starts out with just PC games. From there you can expand to eventually create your own game console. Game Dev Story's mechanics have quite a bit of depth to them and will see you trying numerous strategies on developing the best game.

Game development isn’t easy and requires you to train your staff, promote them, market your product, and attend gaming conventions – this is only a taste of what is in store for the player. Choosing to spend more of your money on advertising instead of a new console development license may cause problems in the long run. I found the first time I played Game Dev Story I’d made quite a few mistakes. After a few of the game’s years had passed I decided to restart it; from then on I was spot on with the mechanics.

The graphics, modeled after 24-bit sprites, easily fit the title. Game Dev Story pokes fun at the current gaming industry with its own insights into consoles and even changing console’s names accordingly. You cutesy staff are often talking to each other, swapping ideas and asking you if they can try to upgrade different aspects.

Originally only released in Japan, and on PC, Kairosoft ported this gem of a game to the iPhone and released it last year. They have supported the game with several updates including multitasking and a control pad. The original release needed these upgrades and I had considered giving the title only 4 stars.

My only concern about the game is the instructions. At times they are a bit on the vague side of what needs to be done in certain menus.

It must be warned that the game is highly addictive and not something you want to start when you do not have any free time.

One of the best, and most addictive management sims you will ever play!

Score = 5/5

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