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[Review] Dream:scape [iPhone]

Posted by: GrahamPeter

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Game Dream:scape
Developer Speedbump Studios
Compatible With iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Review Platform iPhone 4
Genre Story and Puzzle
Review Version 1.2
Store Link Dream:scape
Price $1.99


In Dream:scape you play as a comatose man sifting through his memories to reveal a hidden truth. Does it sound a little clichéd? It’s actually been put together rather well.

The game runs on the Unreal Engine, much like Infinity Blade and Dungeon Defenders. The world is beautifully rendered and gives you several locations to visit. My concern here is there isn’t enough to really do in each one. Hey, who doesn’t love eye-candy?

While I commend the developer, Speedbump Studios, on their work, there are still a few graphical problems. The game suffers from an unsteady frame-rate in open areas, the character can become stuck and there’s also some unsightly clipping. Given the fact that Dream:scape was created in 2 months all of this should easily be fixed in an update or two.

In game music and voices are done superbly. The sound score accompanying the game gives real life and emotion to the story, while the voice actors have done a superb job. And to think all of it (the voices) was only recorded on an iPhone.

Dream:scape’s story is one that reminds me slightly of a Silent Hill / Twin Peaks theme I’m not going to give it away, but it fits the game well and has been very well thought out.

You will walk from location to location trying to piece together the truth about your past. A notebook is given you with a map of the area, as well as recorded notes of each area. You don’t really need more.

Movement is controlled to two touch joysticks, which can sometimes be a bit unresponsive. The movement stick also tends to be unresponsive at times. On screen visual swipes (in certain locations) don’t match what you need to do.

The game’s biggest flaw, besides the slow-down, is the lack of things to do. There’s really not much to interact with and back tracking can be tedious at times. One part of the map is a section of a gorgeous-looking town, but you’re only there for a few minutes, and for one item.

Dream:scape is something different on the iPhone / iPad. Despite its flaws the game could shine through with a bit more polish.

Score = 3.5/5

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