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Review - Dirk Dagger

Posted by: riiaan

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Dirk Dagger Logo

Review - Dirk Dagger


Some of the games on N-Gage are damn hard like Space Impact and Tetris. You really have to push your own boundaries to score all the achievements in those games. No so with Dirk Dagger.

Not too much skill involved in this game. You just have to solve a few puzzles to complete this game and the puzzles are not that hard.


Dirk Dagger Screenshots

It is still a fun game though. The comic book like graphics is excellent but the real strength of the game lies in the writing. The story, although short, is very funny.

The humorous story follows the misadventures of P.I. Dirk Dagger as he tries to solve a crime for a client and track down the person that murdered his partner.

A cool feature of the game is the use of the phone camera. You can turn on the phone’s camera, and when you move the phone the camera detects the motion and moves your character in the game.

Well that’s the idea, but it doesn’t really work, or I didn’t do it right. The in-game movements do not correspond well with the movement of the camera. Trying to move around in the game using just the camera is a chore and the novelty wears out very quickly.

The biggest problem with this game is the length. This game is very short and for that reason you should not buy it. You can complete the entire game in just two or three hours and earn all 1000 NGP.

Verdict – Don’t buy. (Rent it for 7 days).

To get an idea what the game is like go to:

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