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Review: Death at a Funeral

Posted by: PattiLain

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Dark British humour. It was the perfect movie for a gloomy Saturday.We would have watched it on a gloomy Sunday, except that we actually had a real memorial service to go to.

The movie is a typical "What more could go wrong?" comedy, where situations end up getting worse and worse, involving cranky old people, a guest on hallucinogens and a body to get rid of.

The film is entertaining, although not particularly cerebral. What I did enjoy is that people's reactions seemed a lot more real than in typical comedies, where people either tend to make a big deal out of nothing or take the most bizarre of circumstances in their stride. That's not to say the situations seem probable, especially not all at once.

But it was a fun comedy, with very quirky and random humour with some gross-out jokes thrown in. Oh, and don't forget the emotion... Although, it's the first movie I've seen in a while in which I didn't cry.

If you're a fan of British comedy, speckled with dark humour, check this one out.
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