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Renting online dvd`s in South Africa

Posted by: HomeGrownHoney

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I have been doing a little bit of research on what options are available to people wanting to rent dvd`s online in South Africa, for those lazy Saterdays and it seems that our best options would be . I searched for a couple of different options on the net, unfortunately this was the only one I found.


For a monthly fee you are able to rent unlimited DVD. How it works is that you browse through the movie options and then add it to your 'watch list'. After registering and giving your credit card details, you are now set to rent any of there 90 000 titles.

What I really don`t like about renting Movies this way, is that your movies, no more than six at a time, is posted to you. This can take 2 - 3 days. A new movie will only be send to you on returning the dvd`s in your possession. Now I am not sure how other people feel about waiting days for a movie, but personally I am not very keen on that idea. If I have a lazy Saturday, I would go to the closest dvd store and rent a movie, all taking about 15 minutes. This gives me a whole day of lying in front of the television. 


We do also have Netflix, but for that you will need a game console that is Netflix ready like Xbox, PS3 or Wii that is  connected to your television and internet access on these devices. From there on, you can go online and rent movies, upon choosing the one that you would like to watch, it is downloaded to the game console. Very cool in theory!

South Africa has really crappy internet connections, we have very slow lines and when downloading big files it normally takes ages, not to mention the extra money that you would be spending on your internet service provider.

For now I`ll stick to getting in the car and going to the dvd store, something has to be said for personal connections.

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written by OS GIKEN, March 09, 2010 SA you can't even get a HOT pizza in time when using delivery. Remember, delivery companies specialize in .... yep you guessed it, delivery - they can't even do that right...what about you renting a dvd online and expecting it at'll have eaten already, had desert, and had nookie...and still the dvd will not be there!

However I have seen those portable dvd rent a vending machine in Clear Water mall...smilies/wink.gif
written by photonz, March 09, 2010
In this part of the world Fatso ( is a pretty good option. No late fees, free postage both ways (arrival in 1-2 days), and packages from just under $10 a month. I've never used them (I don't hire DVDs at all - online or otherwise), but they seem pretty popular. Their TV ads are just the best!

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