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Playing with the LG KU990

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Today I got my grubby hands on an LG KU990 and I’m having a lot of fun playing with it. The brief presentation explaining how the handset works helped quite a lot. Yes, there are actually mobile phone users out there who need the lecture.

It also helped that my daughter is cellphone-savvy, and was able to discover how many of the features work. As I write this post, she’s sleeping with the headset on, having fallen asleep listening to the radio.

In terms of appearance the LGKU990 is sleek-looking and can easily fit into a small purse, or jeans pocket. Small and light, the phone is 103.5 x 54.4 x 14.8mm in size and weighs only 112g. It’s thin, has black-casing with a painted gold rim and is controlled using a touch-screen.

Earlier this evening, my daughter and I worked out how the 5 mega pixel camera works and took some pictures of each other. Sorry I can’t share the images with you – for her protection I never post her pictures of her on the Internet. And if, at some stage, I do revisit the issue, she’d be in group photos with many other kids so she’s not easy to identify.

But, we decided to go to the park tomorrow and we’ll take some pictures. I’ll share some of the scenery images we take. The phone has a feature that allows users to send images to their blogs directly from the handset, so I’m going to try using that.

The phone also has video capacity. I haven’t figured out how that works, but I understand it can support YouTube functionality. I’m going to try using it for some of my work interviews and we’ll see if I can produce something of good enough quality to use.

I also plan to test the voice recording feature to see if I can tape presentations and interviews with it. I would save me a lot of time and stress knowing I can record presentations even as I take notes. Then I won’t have to chase people so much to get the presentation documents when I need to do some fact-checking.

I’m sure there a lot of features and benefits in this phone that I haven’t touched on yet, but I’ll share them with you as I get to know the phone.

Phone and image provided by LG.

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