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On this day in history...

Posted by: Dissol

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...24 November, 1859 Charles Darwin published "On the Origin of Species", and our view and understanding of Biology was changed.  The full title for the first edition (which sold out), was "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life"

It is amazing to read the first edition now, as one soon realises what a genius Darwin was, and how far ahead of his time he was.  Darwin used information that he had gathered on the HMS Beagle, during its long voyage of exploration in the 1830's.  One has to remember that he managed to put together all the facts without a knowledge of genes, or even a fossil record.  All that came later, which reinforced his work.

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written by Doolally, November 25, 2010
I am sure there is something important that happend on every day in history if one bothers to look... aint that so Dissolsmilies/wink.gif
written by Dissol, November 26, 2010
@ Doolally, agreed, but rarely has one publication had such a profound effect on our understanding of the planet and all life contained upon it. It opened up our understanding of so much, and has lead to amazing developments in scientific & medical inquiry. Recently I have been reading some papers on genetic profiling. Our children may have access to incredible, tailored healthcare; each person could be profiled, and the risk of specific diseases calculated, enabling specific, tailored, individualised treatment or even procedures to minimise the chances of even contracting the conditions in the first place. The present scientists "are standing on the shoulders of giants". Darwin is one of those giants.

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