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Now this is a great iPad application

Posted by: DBS

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I remember the hype when the iPad was first released. Wow great fabulous cool ! just choose your propellor head technology junkie keyword and apply it.

When the initial hysteria had died the question remained and how is this going to make me more productive in the business?

There is one application that is delivering real value to business and it delivers it right to the top of the company and the benefits are immediate.

The application is called Blueprint BoardPad 2 and it enables directors or indeed anyone who attends formal meetings with documents (they are called Board Packs at Board Level) to have the meeting details, the agenda and the associated documents on their iPad at a tap of the finger.

Gone is the binder of hundreds of pages that typically consumes a Brazillian rainforest for every meeting.

Gone are the hundreds of after hours standing in the office photocopying and binding the information that the Company Secretarial division typically does in producing the pack.

Gone are the distribution headaches of a Board Pack chasing a non-resident board member as he travels round the world.

Instead immediate access to the information in an easy to use device. Security that is really tight but at the same time not the responsibility of the director and the end of the late nights at the photocopier.

Directors are now more productive because they are able to access the information literally as soon as it is released by the Company Secretary. They can annotate on the documentation just as they did on their paper packs and if a document has to be updated then they can see both versions of the document.

Son One saw me looking at a video on the solution and he said wow that is the best business application I have ever seen!

If you want to see what got my very tech savvy son frothing with excitment take a look at this video on the ICSA Software website or if you are a Youtube junkie here




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