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No more clothing store queues! Fit your clothes online!

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KinectShop by Gregory Ferenstein

Augmented reality technology has made life much easier for individuals in various sectors in the professional world. This technology combines virtual reality objects with real life objects and makes these two fundamentally different objects interact naturally in a space. Sectors such as the medical, entertainment, military training, engineering, robotics and telerobotics are all making use of augmented reality technology.

For many years the medical industry has been using augmented reality technology to assist in the planning of surgical procedures. Augmented reality provides the surgeons with the opportunity to visualise the path through the anatomy without having to physically execute it the surgery first. For example, a tumour must bee removed from the brain but first it needs to be done by creating a 3D model representing the brain and the tumour.

The entertainment industry and news business have also used augmented reality. Movies use special effects, which are not used in real time, thus using images that create illusions of the virtual world meeting reality. In the news, the weather report makes use of augmented reality because the weather reporter is shown to be standing in front of changing weather maps. This is more complex than it looks as the weather man is actually standing in front of a plain blue or green screen and the real image is augmented with computer generated maps.


 The latest advancement in using augmented reality technology is in the fashion industry. Consumers do not have to be constrained by time or a specific store anymore when purchasing clothes. People can fit clothes by using augmented reality instead of physically going to the store to wait in a queue to fit the clothes on. Xbox Kinect has created a new shopping platform called KinectShop for users to try on clothes in “true 3-D” and also gives consumers the opportunity to share photos with friends on social networking sites such as facebook.


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