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No Kindle in the future!

Posted by: OS GIKEN

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All I’ve read so far is mixed opinions and reactions from various pools of people ranging from young readers to professionals and writers alike. Why Kindle? Why digital? We are yet to figure out how to have safe sex, something so humane, so natural still eludes our IQ to this day. The very unfortunate answer I believe is “money”



The thing that makes the world go round, the only physical entity on this world that single handedly has the power of attraction, that single handedly changes lives for good or for worse. Kindle is another money making scheme thought up by very clever aristocrats when they found out that oil will soon be slurped up by the last of the Sheiks.


For the past thousands of years, we’ve used paper and ink or lead to write stories, budgets, news, every conceivable thing we think can only be put down in words, and on paper. Even if the world were to become absolutely digitally insane and we do use Kindle in Soweto, whatever we read digitally would have been scribbled down on a piece of paper before the book was written, in fact, the idea of the book was scribbled on paper, so was many other facets of the end product. To take something as intimate as reading and digitizing it is probably the worst decision in the last decade I’d say. It even beats Vista and George Bush hands down!


What are the concrete reasons for Kindle or e-Readers? Yes technology evolves; I thought we made it clear that technological advancements should exist only to make our otherwise manual efforts easier. A 40 year old woman wouldn’t be too happy to hear about backups and iStores etc. On the other end of the spectrum a recent study I read somewhere shows that the reading public in the world has greatly diminished, greatly, there are younger people in the world and more and more of them don’t read, they even minimize sentences as to showcase the urgency in everything they do!


Trees are being cut down and the processing effort from tree bark to paper is way too expensive, let alone the harm said process causes to the environment – I’d expect that statement from a pro-Kindler. But trees also grow everyday, it’s not as if it’s been chopped down and the population becomes less? We have recycling which should make a remarkable difference.


The fact of the matter is that there are no great reasons why Kindle should replace age old hardcover with pages for all readers. The only reasons I could think of were the fact that technology is evolving and you can put thousands of your favorite books on 1 device, which is like putting all your money in one share option, its just not going to fly, trust me!


It’s the same as money on my cell phone…erm, I’d love to feel greenbacks, our purple 100’s, so that exercise is too, not going to work, stop while its still a beta!


OS over and out – as far as I know, my son and his son will read books that have pig ears, they will write in books they not supposed to, they’re wives will sit on the beach reading novels of their great father in law, news stands will still be cramped with new  novels each week, writers will still be able to sign books in book stores, people will still do humane things like go to a book store to purchase a hard cover book, Kindle or any e-Reader will simply never take away that fact of human-paper interaction…never!

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written by MikeZilla, January 25, 2010
sjoe that's just not logical
written by HomeGrownHoney, January 25, 2010
Why not just have both.......
written by Dissol, January 26, 2010
I would imagine that most novels are not written on paper these days, but on computers. It is not only the book itself which is ecologically unfriendly, but the fact that it has to be produced (in excess amounts), and then shipped to different countries, and then transported to individual bookstores. If done digitally, then you are able to cut out the logistics...

But, I agree, we are breeding a huge number of people who do not read... But I blame TV, DVD's Playstations, Wii's, the Interweb, etc. I LOVE bookstores. I LOVE libraries. I enjoy hunting down a good book... I generally have several books on the go at the same time... Usuallly quite diverse (so as not to confuse me!).

Strangely I cannot sit through a film...I get bored... But a good book can keep me engrossed for hours. I read a lot on my tablet, which is close to the experience of a Kindle I imagine, and find it quite easy & natural. I have also started listening to audiobooks when well as the usual range of podcasts.
written by OS GIKEN, January 26, 2010
Hey Dissol, I hear those Audio books can reeeely get you slumbering hey? I'd suggest not listening to them when driving, as you get SO into the story you almost forget you're still in 2cnd gear!

I had a 250km trip in December, I drove and then listened to SAFM...they had a reader on there who reads a chapter from a book everyday, she read a story named MONSTER, about that guy in Austria who kept his daughter under ground with her 2 kids for YEARS! I was so into the whole listening that I forgot where I'm going to...strange!
written by Dissol, January 26, 2010
OS; 2 more technologies; automatic & cruise control! smilies/grin.gif. No, seriously, on a long trip; I fairly regularly drive Cape Town - Jo'burg (although not recently) or to Bloem, or Springbok, and I find that being able to listen to something challenging keeps me awake... I usually do those trips alone, and so I only stop the car for fuel, and usually don't bother getting out on route.

I regularly listen to podcasts, and have several that I subscribe to. Often these are short (usually between 30 - 60min) and I listen to these on my regular commutes, or when flying (and waiting in airports! - the return flight from PE - Cape Town is often delayed. I also don't sleep so well these days, and prefer to listen to audiobooks rather than turn the light on & disturb the sleeping beauty next to me.

I suggest you do all the reading you can a few short months, your life is going to be taken over, and you will wonder where all that time went. No time for reading or playing on playstations for OS!!! My youngest once (seriously) asked me what his mother and I would have done, of we had not had him, and his brother... "Well...where do I start.... do we have a spare week???"

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