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New Age Zombie

Posted by: LDK

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I woke up in the middle of the night, sweat pouring down my face, heart ready to escape through my chest. I unzip the 1-man tent and climb outside my comfort zone. Here I stand alone in the middle of a dense jungle at 3am. Knowing there are no “zombies” for kilometres and kilometres I take a sigh of relief. But fear reminds me, there might still be wild animals left in these parts that weren’t consumed by the zombies.

Unable to get back into the tent due to the claustrophobic environment, I make my way over to the river, where I perch on a rock in the middle of the noisy rapids, drowning out all the other sounds. This was comforting, as listening to strange things moving around you in this dense jungle makes one feel at one with nature, and yet separate. Although I must admit I blame our human ego on the sensation of being separate.

Mauling previous conversations through my head of the last few years I came to realize, eventually without any action, zombies will be everywhere. There are still small pockets left of humans untouched... but I can feel even myself starting to become one. That is why I am here. In the middle of what is real.

Back in society I feel more and more disconnected. People are measuring their happiness on how often they get drunk. On how much money they make. On how well they are doing climbing the corporate ladder. We sit at a pub, talking with “friends” whom I’m confident are full blown zombies. They ask me, why do I love the outdoors so much? What makes it so great, because all they see are bushes and rocks? Oh look there is a bush, and there is another one, and there is a rock. Big whoop!

Yes this looks a lot better than enjoying the outdoors

Stunned by their amusement and total lack of understanding I ask them so what is it that they like? We like shopping, we like to watch movies, we like to get drunk and party.  I glean at my fiancé indicating my contempt with these people. Knowing that even if I use the argument that if it was not for Mother Nature we would not exist. If there were no plants there would be no animals nor booze for them. And without the sun which is father to all on earth... there would be nothing here at all.

And that its only good practise to pay tribute not to mention a visit to Mother Nature. Even MS Word corrects you at times changing mother nature to Mother Nature and capitals.

I would rather lead a middle class life as is, than be rich and look past all the wondrous gifts given to us. This year alone i have gone caving numerous times, not to mention gone on more than 25 hikes, 9 “river rafting” trips and scaled a few mountains. And I did all this, while others were getting drunk, vomiting from their preferred poison, watched movies and sat in front of the zombie converter they call TV.  But I take great comfort in the fact that my small nephews, for reasons which I cannot yet explain hates to watch TV. They prefer playing outside... running around, climbing trees and being kids. Perhaps their minds have not yet been bent by society, to believe that if they do not conform they will never belong.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

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