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My Life Less Digital – How different my life would be

Posted by: The Pianist

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The Pianist

Generally the first thing I greet in the morning, is something digital.  My cell phone.  I would not know how to go back to using a buzzing alarm clark.  I would most likely throw it out the window, this makes me wonder, has my digital life made me more aggressive.

I get up and head usually for my kettle.  I suppose I would have to worry about boiling water on the stove if I did not have this gadget.  After making sure I have my digital items, I head off to work.  Without digital features I suppose I would have to walk or ride on a bicycle to work.  I would get to work and climb onto a type writer to do my work and log my costing manually. 

I would be sending smoke signals versus making calls and whistle whilst I work versus listen to the radio.  I would go home and cook on a fire, and spend my life reading and play piano, and I would have to learn to read music so I could right my music down versus record it on my computer.  I would walk with a candle to bed and set my alarm with its annoying bell.

I would wear a pretentious dress to balls versus going to clubs and I suppose play a lot more sport.  I would go to theatre more and socialise with people more face to face versus on social networks.  Perhaps a life less digital is a challenge I should embrace.

One thing is for sure, cutting down on my digital life will help me achieve two things – weight loss and I could study more.  But I will be honest, I love my digital life too much for such silly things, and will use the digital equipment at gym that makes me happy.

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