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MTN Bastards

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So my Blackberry Torch packed up. Last night it was all magical and perfect, this morning the screen is a horrible red mess of pixels and other unidentifiable shit. The trademark "Do a battery pull" advice didnt work after 13 tries, so I had no option left but to phone the Alimighty MTN.


My phones screwed pretty much. So the only option is to have it transported away for "4 to 6 weeks" upon which it will be assessed, then either repaired or replaced. Fine, I can semi handle that, but I had one small concern, what do I do in the mean time? I've been very reliant on my BBM and the BIS and such, and now all of a sudden, it's snatched away from me and I am left with nought. I asked if any replacement phone is given, and alas no, not even a crappy Curve is given to you until your phone is ready.

I'm no big business man at all, but I know a few people who are rather reliant on their Blackberrys for their day to day emailing and such, and I wonder what they would do in a similar situation.

Mightly pissed off right now...our fault for being too reliant on one device, or the service providers for not catering for us in these unfortunate circumstances?

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written by PaulGP, August 31, 2011

Please can you email me your details ( as I wish to try and help you with this matter.

written by Charmed, September 01, 2011

Please can you get in touch with us as soon as possible on

written by DevilTrigger, September 02, 2011
Hmm not sure what happened with this post, didn't indicate it was me who wrote it...

Who's your comment aimed at Miss Charmed?

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