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Mr President don't you remember what the Judge said?

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Our esteemed president has released an apology to the nation. It seems the popular consensus of his poor behaviour has finally hit a nerve.


I don't want to enter a debate on the number of wives and his customary right to have more than one current incumbent. It does seem to me though that the person we should be  venerating is falling short.

Nice that he apologised. Thank you Mr. President for that. But remember that your position does not raise you beyond the requirements of public accepted norms nor should it allow you to flaunt the judicial system. And on that Mr. President, I would like to point out that after delivering his judgement in your rape trial, Judge Willem van der Merwe indicated that your position was one where setting an example was expected. Have you forgotten that or was
your head filled with celebration and you ignored it?

(written on Dell Axim X30)

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The Source
written by The Source, February 14, 2010
I really get the feeling that nothing this man does surprises the public anymore. Then again the general public danced in front of the court when his cases came up.

The US was the laughing stock of the world when Bill Clinton got caught with the Monia L story, imagine what they must be saying about us.

Zuma is becoming a serial poster boy for "things previously been frowned upon".

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