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More questions than answers

Posted by: flytrap

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Johnny Nash once sang "There are more questions than answers. And the more I find out the less I know". I find myself humming that song often.

Every evening after work I stop to buy groceries. It suits me as I only have a small freezer and also it saves my some money as, not trying to anticipate a month, we have very little waste. It is also a bit of "me" time where I can walk the aisles, chat to people I know and think about life.

Last night the song started up while I was shopping. Maybe you can help answer some of the questions.

Why, if food is so expensive, is toilet paper too? Since we are eating less,surely we are pooping less and demand for TP should be lower, leading manufacturers to drop prices to compete.

Why is cheese so expensive? Milk is only R5/liter. I know production cost etc, but at R79/kg Cheddar costs more than meat. Are they putting gold dust in the mix?

Why are wine prices coming down? Is it a plot by government to get us to buy more wine so that we will drink more and eat less. If we are all passed out, then we are more compliant resulting in a lower crime rate and less electricity use. We are also less likely to notice bad service delivery. Is the the crackdown on drunk driving an attempt to get us to pass out at home?

Why do politicians immediately point out the faults of others when their own are exposed? I tried that on my mom - when I was 5 - it didn't work then either.

Why does do banks send tellers on lunch at lunchtime when everyone visits the banks and why do stores close most of the tills just before closing, when they are rushing the last customers out?

Why, if practice makes perfect, are taxi drivers such bad drivers?

Feel free to answer or to add your own questions ...

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written by RichChic, September 15, 2011
Very good questions indeed!! Sometimes when they put the prices up, for example for chicken, it's not the actual costs for production/raw material etc. that are going up, it's just that they want you to now focus on say, red meat. Suddenly red meat looks cheaper than chicken (even though the price hasn't gone down), thus driving more people to buy red meat, which in turn drives up demand.It's all about supply/demand - and to achieve extra profits, stores artificially "change" the supply and demand patterns. All in the name of profit, hey?

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