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It is Dead!?

Posted by: Jawellnofine

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It is done, finished, dusted. Or that is what is the seemingly future of capitalism is heading towards.

With so much debt being accumulated by the worlds governments, the future of money as we know it, is staring down a bleak future. I mean, why else would the worlds leading economies spend much money on hiring spin doctors (marketing drives, public motivational initiatives, yes-you-can propagandas,) who make use of emotive euphemisms encouraging us to tighten our belts (for our own good of course,) until the present-day depressive economic cycle is overcome and put to bed?

We, the people, are encouraged on a daily basis to save, to be frugal and to service our debts responsibly. We are also told that the world is facing an economic double-dip recession and that we must remain positive until such times as our leaders have debated, discussed and argued a viable solution that will ensure our future prosperity and affluence; all for our own good of course!?

I for one become paranoid when governmental types start pushing blame onto us ‘wicked’ people (wastage, lack of frugality, irresponsible spending, not saving, etc)  for the monetary problems being experienced around the world. Not only do I become paranoid but also extremely cagey of verbiage and clever manipulation of words by leaders, politicos and corporate chiefs, when they expound the evils and consequences of the ‘debt’ crisis, for it mostly becomes our doing and our responsibility to fix.

Caveat: there is a reason why the rich get richer and the poor poorer!?

As Bertrand Russell so aptly stated “advocates of capitalism are very apt to appeal to the sacred principles of liberty, which are embodied in one maxim: The fortunate must not be restrained in the exercise of tyranny over the unfortunate.”

The one solution is to learn to read between the lines and not be sucked in by the propaganda of deflected blame and implied guilt.

The problem is that we have become so reliant on money in all its glory that changes to capitalism does not sit well with us. We are locked and loaded into the barrel chamber of capitalism. The only way out is by pulling the trigger of change. Yes!?

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written by RIC007GP, November 15, 2011
And what do you propose we change to? It is all well and good to diss Capitalism, but what is the alternative? I saw a rather good American cartoon of a hippy type at the Occupy Wall street sing this parody of Give Peace a Change. All we are just saying is give.. communist style repression and stasis.. a chance." I would gladly support change if someone could come up with a workable solution that works for everyone. No one, especially those occupying Wall Street, have one.
written by Jawellnofine, November 15, 2011
In all my reading, I have come across some alternatives to what we have presently i.e. (

1) The National Dividend. This was invented by engineer C. H. Douglas and has been revived by Ezra Pound and designer Buckminster Fuller. The basic idea is that every citizen should be declared a shareholder in the nation, and should receive dividends on the Gross National Product for the year.

2) The Guaranteed Annual Income. This has been encouraged by economist Robert Theobald and others. The government would simply establish an income level above the poverty line and guarantee that no citizen would receive less. This plan would cost the government less than the present welfare systems, with all its bureaucratic red tape and redundancy factors.

3) The Negative Income Tax. This was first devised by Nobel economist Milton Friedman. The Negative Income Tax would establish a minimum income for every citizen; anyone whose income fell below that level would receive the amount necessary to bring them up to that standard. Again this would cost “the government” less than the present welfare systems. It would also dispense with the last tinge of humiliation associated with government “charity,” since when you cashed a check from IRS nobody would know if it was supplementary income or a refund.

But the above article was not proposing any solutions, only warning that all is not well in the land of capitalism.

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