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marvelous Malema limerick

Posted by: Flycatchr


His ancyllary income was raked                    

by woodwork bridges half baked

gold mine and car fine

decline to consign

only his C class report wasn't faked

Just for Malema's Birthday, I thought I would unpack this limerick for you:

Ancyllary is spelt wrong on purpose - ANCYL  :)
Ancillary means supplementary, or additional.
Raked - refers to the large amount of money he was supposed to have made
Apparently he did lower grade woodwork and managed to get a G

The company that he might be a shareholder of made the bridges in Limpopo that are falling down

Half baked - not made properly.

Gold mine - money is his AND a reference to his nationalising the mines, in which case he may think that the money would be his anyway.

Car fine - he has a few fine cars, MAYBE,  and he has a few car fines, MAYBE.

Decline to consign - refuses to acknowledge his signature AND refers to his passing the buck ('it wasn't me').

C class Merc - allegedly his ONLY vehicle.

Class report - his highest mark was a C for English - which is not bad at all.


If you can come up with any other "insights" I would be most grateful, but they wouldn't be my original thinking.

catchr you latr

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written by thenack, March 08, 2010
This is quite briliant

If english is your bestest subject, and you make a living by talking, a C is not very good.

Secondly, we shouldn't be so harch on his tax-fraud, if you got a H for maths you wouldn't have a qlue either. H? an H. Surely if you score below F it really doesn't matter. Who puts an H on a report card?

I was just wondering, what you need to be able to do to get a G for standard gade woodwork?
You should be able to recognise wood if you see it amongs otehr things like rocks and metal.
Then in your final year you will be making a block of wood starting with a planc. I wonder what his block looked like for him to get only a G?

Dig your profile pic, who is it?
written by Flycatchr, March 08, 2010
Thanks Thenack

yeah, more to come ihope, i like putting limericks together

Actually Niteshade found the avarta for me. it took me ages to find nothing for myself, and eventually I copied the green man avarta into paint and did some "re-aranging" - infact I may even write a blog about that, thanks for the idea. smilies/smiley.gif

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