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Making the most of your words in a word cloud

Posted by: barrmar

Tagged in: Words , Word design , Word clouds , Digital toys


A great digital toy that allows you to create word clouds from your words is just a click away on a site called Wordle. The look and feel of the words that you use can be changed - Wordle provides a huge choice of fonts, layouts and colour schemes to make your word cloud look great. 

All you need to do is to type (or cut and paste) a whole lot of words into Wordle, and there you have it - a great visual design built entirely on words. Vary the colours, design, layout and fonts as much as you want and behold! Your new work of art is ready to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting public. 

Wordle provides the code to add the facility as a widget into your own blog (if you have a blog that allows you to add these things. 

Now for the acid test. These words that I have added here will be copied into Wordle, manipulated, and the image pasted back here! 

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Mobile Kugel
written by Mobile Kugel, May 17, 2011
@barmar, I have never heard of Wordle. I checked it out and it looks pretty cool if one is into design. Maybe I will try it out one of these days.

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