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Posted by: Frogprincess

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Love is found within, once you have trust and peace within yourself only then can you understand the Word LOVE! Love is a feeling not a action..............We should not abuse anything in life, take each day as if your last! Love no matter what the circumstance and be true to yourself then your inner self would be joyful and not so lonely! I can feel extreme joy and in the same breath utter sadness but my trust overides my fear! Then love engulfs my entire body for everyone to see.

 Love is a word spoken so easy, Love of this, Love of that but how do you feel when you say the Word LOVE. What happens inside? For me it feels like millions of atoms crashing into negatives and positives producing neutrals, giggles from  innocents  children, crashing of the ocean waves, amazing blue skies but most of all the Simply things in life that make no sense but make you smile. 

To be at peace with yourself is Love all on its own.

Humanity has a misunderstanding about love! An illusion is created when you do not need something but want to fill an unwanted void in your life. Love can not be an illusion it is within each one of us! Once understood humanity will love each other to the full extent but some will find it difficult to differentiate between the different types of love! 

 The world has forgotten to love themselves first and the love of possessions is their prime state of love. Relationship love is not always because of a void that has to be filled but is because there is a connection between them, the key that fits. Sadly sometimes the key is broken or becomes worn and the love falls on the way side. Some never get the grasp because they do not know how to love in different ways. You can not love each other in the same way.. Ladies love men different to a Man loving a lady! 


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the new james rond
written by the new james rond, October 27, 2011
Fantastic post princess.

The problem for me is how I get her to love me again. The way it should be.
written by Frogprincess, October 27, 2011
Only you will know - find peace inside and be truthful! If she is the one then the puzzle will fit.
written by Charmed, October 27, 2011
HI there. I will be moving your blog to the "Lifestyle" category as it does not belong in the "Digital" category. Before you hit publish, please look to the right and you will see categories. You can choose accordingly from the list. Thanks
written by read, October 27, 2011
smilies/grin.gif yes,we are created in the image of love, if one may add may one, the link is Divine, we all have the ability to heal, resurrect and so on, perhaps you would be interested to read EBlogger, The Love Prophecy.
the new james rond
written by the new james rond, October 28, 2011
Frogprincess - sometimes the greates love is when you walk away from someone you dearly love if she is going to be better off / happier without you.
written by Frogprincess, October 28, 2011
New James rond - you do have a point, something that is close to my heart.

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