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Lolcats and w00t

Posted by: tally

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Wut? Srsly? U has not seen lolcats? Nowai!!

Even if you don't know what they are, you've seen lolcats. They have invaded and taken over the internet. In 404 errors, in blog posts, on message boards. Cats with captions. Who would have thought.
Even though they may appear completely random, there are certain conventions that govern the lolcats.

The lolcats originated on forums and messageboards - and their growth as a meme probably has something to do with the infamous 4chan (not for the faint at heart). I say this because these are two of the most famous lolcats:

Another of the most famous cats is the cat known as longcat:

Now the internet is filled with Lolcat translators and binders so anyone can create their own lolcats. However, there are various lolcat conventions you may want to follow.

1. I can haz

The I can haz kind of cat is asking for something or taking something for himself. He looks unbelievable cute while doing so and usually has big shiny eyes.

2. X cat is Y

Originally cats that look like objects but now cats that are doing things too.

3. Invisible x

Cats that look like they're doing a human thing but without the object needed to do it

4. I'm in your X doing Y

Originally fixing computers but when that got old, doing other stuff as well.

5. Cats with other animals

Usually natural enemies like mice or dogs, looking really cute and getting along.

6. Other animals

Lolcats are no longer just about cats, you can use these conventions with anything that looks cute. The exception to this rule is the walrus who has his own completely different rules and is, in fact, known as a lolrus. His rules seem to be simple: mention a bukkit (bucket). Other favorite animals to use with the lolcats conventions are rabbits, hamsters and (strangely) baby hedgehogs - though basically anything goes.

7. Developing conventions

After a while all conventions get old. The best way to stop this is to add to them and adjust them. An example of this is the "I has" that turned into "I has flavor" that became a new convention of its own:


8. When in doubt just do something cute.

Don't be afraid to use your imagination. The is it can be hugs tiem now plees cat is one of the most famous and yet it does not follow a particular convention.

You can find and submit cats at I can Has Cheezburger or

Taking a break from the Erin saga. Think of it as an ad break ;). Will be back to Erin tomorrow!
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written by Syllable, October 13, 2007
Lol! :grin
written by Pumkinhead, October 13, 2007
ahahaaaaaa! :grin
written by Traysee, October 13, 2007
tal, this is funny, babe!
written by james rond, October 13, 2007
I like the snail!
written by tally1302, October 13, 2007
the snail is also my favorite smilies/smiley.gif
written by DOC, October 13, 2007
lol that's some real creativivty there... :grin
written by DOC, October 13, 2007
The ceiling cat hun, is that something in your experience..? maybe you saw the cat watching you while u were busy... I wonder...
written by tally1302, October 14, 2007
Doc: visit They're they people who made ceiling cat smilies/wink.gif
written by aksn1p3r, January 23, 2008
i can haz looooongcats! :grin

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