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Local is leka

Posted by: Zircon

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I am sooooo tired for doing searches via Google, and to be bombarded with a whole lot of, hmmmm, irrelevant links .... people who optimize their sites for search engines and then it contains nothing that I am looking for.

I discovered -
It contains local (SA) only info ... I found this to be a very helpful tool and bookmarked it - it will definately be my preffered search engin as from now ....

Thanx Aardvark, you helped in getting my blood mpressure stabilized ...

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written by thenack, March 15, 2010
If I'm not mistaken aardvark is basically google with a trendy,...well arty-farty wig on. Aardvark makes money with google adsense, using google as a search engine. Very clever of them to spot this gap back in the day. They have been around forever, but probably became less popular as more options became available.

When u use google search in google adsense, you can tweak the properties to make it display more relevant or more local content.

You could probably get the same results if you put your normal google on SA-only sites mode.

Anyway, enjoy
The Source
written by The Source, March 15, 2010
Seriously, is much better. thenack is right, just tweak your search capabilities. Can't actually believe Aardvark is still on the map. It is like searching the web using Anazi or Funnel. Both are worthless

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