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Posted by: HomeGrownHoney

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We've downloaded Live Writer a few months ago but today is the first day I've actually used it on My Digital life.

A big problem I personally experience is spelling mistakes.  So normal procedure was to write the posting in Microsoft Word and then copy the text over to the posting on the web site.  I then experienced the problem where the text looks different from the normal text on the web site because the Word DIV tags are also inserted into the posting.

With Live Writer I do not seem to have these problems.

It contains the spell checker and all the normal Word and Blog formatting functions that I require.  Yes I know that it isn't a new software program, but I am impressed now that I've finally started with it.

I guess it will also safe on bandwidth over the long run.

I now just need to figure out how to Publish to me blog and have it appear in the "published" status instead of "unpublished".  I first did a test blog and it didn't appear on the front page due to the status in the back.

Small steps I suppose

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written by DBS, January 18, 2009
Never found out how to get it to publish automatically if you find out let me know
written by The Source, January 18, 2009
It seems that the XML-RPC plugin used between Joomla and Live Writer only allows for the Admin users to auto publish articles.

It tell postings from Bloggers and Authors that the posting needs moderator approval which is kind of messed up since you have "Admin" over your profile status.

Will see if there is a work around for this next week.
written by Dissol, January 18, 2009
Would love to be able to blog directly from MS OneNote...even in my own handwriting if possible!!

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