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Live from the event

Posted by: Dissol


Cape Town Stadium Goal11h30 from the car park adjacent to Cape Town stadium.

 I'll add my photos when I get home, as I forgot a cable to connect my card to my tablet.

There is a huge Police presence here (as you would expect for a dry run for the FIFA event).  I am within the security curtain, so I, and my car, has been checked for explosives.  Good to see some of the very latest electronic sniffing techniques being used.

 Now this is a "Lifestyle Blog", clearly...  Or is it?

I am writing this on my Tablet PC, connecting to the internet through my cell phone (and blue tooth).  Windows 7 and a tablet PC make this such a pleasure (and easy to do).  It is the everyday application of digital technology which makes all this possible.  It makes a massive impact on my lifestyle.

But MyDL is a technology site first and foremost, rather than a social networking site.  So the owners, managers, of the site have every right to do with it as they will.  We, as users, have only one basic right; are can use the site, or not...  We cannot dictate our own terms.  We can suggest and cajole, but MyDL do not have to listen.  Of course any organisation that does not listen to its customers is not going to last long!  But MyDL's biggest customers (and therefore much more important than us) are the sponsors and advertisers.  They want more digital blogs. 
Personally, I think that the recent suggested changes will be counter-productive.  too many of the digital blogs are too dry for my tastes, and if they are the only ones being supported then I would imagine that I would slowly drift away, and look for alternative social networking possibilities.  However, if we can work with the system, and perhaps make more of our lifestyle blogs more digitally focussed, then we may find a solution that makes everyone happy.

As an example of what I mean I have a look at Jeremy Clarkson's Column in the Sunday Times.  It is in the "motoring" section, and does cover motoring issues.  But over 90% of each blog is lifestyle, and therefore much more enjoyable to read...  Take a look at my tags for this post and tell me which ones do not apply.?

 This is Dissol, live from Cape Town stadium, signing off!

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written by barrmar, January 23, 2010
Live from Cape Town using digital technology to report - sounds digital to me.
written by sgb, January 23, 2010
Unfortunately most blogs are written using digital technology . . .
written by MikeZilla, January 23, 2010
smilies/cheesy.gif Where will we have our heated debates about religion and racism and all those good things if not in cyberspace? I agree if we take a tech slant on more issues we'll be fine but there are some issues which are just not tech which I can write about. Issues which generate big hits because they're topical. In future I'll be posting those on my own site as it is not really worth my while to generate 2500 hits on my digital life on a post without any return. I agree 100% that this is a digital lifestyle site however, the lifestyle blog component works because it brings feet through the door that may not have found mydl or have been exposed to it's content and advertisers otherwise. I'm not going to cry or whine, as you say Dissol we have a choice. I fear for those authors who primarily write lifestyle blogs may leave mydl and some great resources will be lost to us. Ultimately the community on the site is it's biggest strength.
The Source
written by The Source, January 23, 2010
This is digital, blogging from a live event using technology remotely.

Enough about that debate.

I have maintained that I got more positive about 2010 and the other debate whether the stadiums would be ready, only after meeting you and seeing the postings about the stadiums.

This must be an exciting time for you seeing all the hard work coming closer to D-day. Looking forward to seeing photos from the security box smilies/smiley.gif
written by Dissol, January 23, 2010
Well, it all worked well, and no glitches! Will upload some photos tomorrow (but none taken from security - for obvious reasons!). But Cape Town was looking at its magnificent best. Of course it is not going to be the same blue skies in June July!

Very pleased and relieved to see these projects come to a successful conclusion. Still more work to be done, but not tonight! I think I must have covered 20 km going around the stadium today so feeling very sore now. Good to see so many wheelchair users in the stadium too. The head architect and I did some mutual back-slapping at the end. I really was not sure that a stadium could be built in this location doing justice to the environment... But this stadium looks right. I cannot imagine that there is another stadium anywhere else in the world in such a stunning setting.
written by Dissol, January 23, 2010
Mike, I agree with your comments entirely. As I said in my post, I do think that the latest idea will prove to be counter-productive. smilies/sad.gif

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