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Live and Learn

Posted by: Lola

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Having Cerebral Palsy has taught me a lot.

It has taught me what no school or university or any self-help book could ever teach me!!

It has helped me experience life to the core. That has how I have learned. Through experience.

I have never had many friends. I know what it is like to be left out. I know what it is like to feel lonely. I know what it is like to feel that I am not good enough. This has made me very inclusive of people. Never ever to leave people out of things. It has also taught me to always make people feel good about themselves!!

I have also gained a lot of compassion, sensitivity, empathy and an extremely open-mind. I went to a special needs school until Standard 2(Grade 4) as I could not walk. There were people there in wheelchairs and also people there with severe physical challenges. Disabilities became the norm for me from a very young age. 

I have also adopted a certain degree of tenacity. Because I am disabled, a lot has not come easy for me.I have had to work a lot harder to get places in life. I have figuaritively bashed down a few doors to get things that I want in my life!! LOL

Either way, I wouldn't change my path in life. I was born this way. It has taught me lessons I am still learning and will continue to learn throughout my life.

I wouldn't have it any other way!!!
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written by sardon, October 04, 2007
Don't let people can hold you back from greatness because they are jealous of your contentment and acceptance of your life.

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