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Life goes on....without a Hitch

Posted by: Dissol


I changed the title to this blog.  His death caused me to revisit some of the fabulous books he wrote.  God is Not Great, Letters to a Young Contrarian, Arguably, and his autobiography - Hitch-22.  I realised over the course of re-reading those incredible works, that his work has influenced me.  He was a truly great mind, and a brilliant orator.  The world is much poorer today, for not having Hitch about, but he did achieve immortality, in that his literary works will endure.

Another obit - and a really sad one for me.  Christopher Hitchens died this morning, after a long fight with cancer.

For those of you who maybe have not heard of Hitch, then a simple search on YouTube would turn up many hours of thought provoking viewing.  Not only was he a brilliant orator, but he was an amazing writer.  He published many books, and was quite happy to attack "icons" of our modern society.  His targets included organised religion (read God is not Great, how Religion Poisons Everything), Mother Teresa (read "The Missionary Position), Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton (read No One Left To Lie To), etc, etc.

Born in the UK, he eventually took up US citizenship.  He wrote for a number of important publications, including the New Statesman, and ended up being a contributing editor at Vanity Fair.

I have admired Hitch for many years (although I did not always agree with every word that he said).  I wish I could have shared his amazing talent with words, in debate (look up Hitch Slap on YouTube for any number of examples.  Like him, I grew up in the UK, like him I was exposed to a very religious education, and came out of that experience as an atheist.  Like him, this was a contributing factor to a split with his brother.  Like him, I enjoyed booze (though never in his quantities), and fags (ditto).  Like him I left the UK, to live elsewhere, but view myself as a child of the earth.  Like him I get very angry with some of the injustices in the world.  Like him - I did, although many loathed him (which is probably true for me too). 

The World is a poorer place today without Hitch.  If I could still drink I would raise a glass of whisky to his memory - this will have to suffice for that.  A wee dram to a great man.  Goodbye, and Thank You Christopher.

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written by redsaid, January 16, 2012
That man certainly had an enviable way with words. As do you as well! I didn't always agree with his views, but wow, anyone who can write so well and in such quantities (he was still working from his hospital bed!) has my respect and admiration.

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