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LG Optimus Black P970

Posted by: Sameer

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With the LG Optimus Black, the question is not what I like about the phone, but more what is there NOT to like? And I am still trying to figure that one out.

LG Optimus Black

First of all the NOVA screen means the brightest and vibrant of screens while the high resolution of 480 X 800 means sharper images with more detail. This means I would be able to surf the internet with pleasure on the 4inch screen using the inbuilt browser or if I wish I can download any other browser of choice via the Android market. In fact I can download ANY application (of thousands) I wish to install with one touch, whether it’s a browser, games, utilities, an alarm clock, “whats app”, “mxit” or just about anything I can imagine my phone can do. All I need to do is search, and if it is there, it is one click to install. Some applications are paid for but with Android there are enough free apps to keep me busy for a while.

One thing I have to mention about this phone is the Gorilla glass, which is a tough strong  special strengthened kind of glass front. Of course I won't have to handle my phone like a piece of glass as it is more resistant to scratches and breaking. And I am not one to carry my phone in a cover as I love the natural beauty of this 9.2mm thick phone.

The 3.5mm earphone jack means any standard earphone/headphone can be connected and I don’t need any special proprietary connections. The same goes for the micro USB cable/charger, which is the same connections you get on most cellphones and devices of today.

The brilliant Optimus UI (user interface) 2.0 makes it a phone that’s one of a kind and compliments the Android OS perfectly. I can access my emails, messages, missed calls on the screen with a single touch.

The 2GB on-board memory might be a little for most people but with expandable micro SD slot I can upgrade my memory easily to 32GB.

Of course when I want to use the internet, nothing is as fast as surfing with HSDPA speeds  at 7.2mbps. And if I am worried about my data plan running up, all I need is to switch on the Wi-fi and connect to my home or work adsl. Of course I can also connect to wherever there is wi-fi access, like in a mall or coffee shop.

The camera is perfect when I need to take one or two "spur of the moment" shots while the 1GHZ cortex-A8 processor and PowerVR SGX530 GPU (graphics processor) of the TI OMAP 3630 chipset handles the taking of the HD video, playing movies  or high resolution games. This processor, together with the Android OS, is able to handle the all the above tasks and more at lightning speeds all in a multi-tasking environment. 

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