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Letter to my Alcoholic Dad

Posted by: girlinthecorner

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Dear Daddy,


I have been postponing this letter for years because I didn't want to hurt your feelings. But you have been hurting our feelings in the process.  And now it's not just us anymore,I have a little boy now and you have created a special bond with him since was born. You're breaking my heart,but I wont let you break his. I now have a responsibility towards him.

You have been the best Dad anyone can wish for. But when you have been drinking I don't want to be in your company. It's not good for you. I worry enough about your health when you are  sober. But when you have been drinking I worry more.  Not only about you,but about Mom too. It has happened so often that she has not been feeling well,then I worry about what will happen to her during the night when it is just the two of you? How will you protect her when you can hardly walk? How deeply do you sleep after you have passed out?

We all are going through the same difficulties as you are.  If not worse because we have to answer your questions and try and make you feel better. You are not easy to please when you are drunk.  It is so hard to see you like that.  You ask for our family and houses to be blessed,how can it be when you are opening a door for Satan?  I am not saying we are innocent and it's all your fault. And that is exactly why I haven't been able to give you this letter,because I know you will beat yourself up over it. Instead of trying to solve the problem you will question your ability to be a father,and husband.

You are making all sorts of promises to my little one,and what if you are not there anymore to keep them? You have been given a second chance at life. And we all want you to be here for a long time. We need you here. 

What happened to Butterfly Kisses? I can't even look at you anymore. I hate what it has done to you. 

I love you Dad. and I wish I had the guts to give you this letter.

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written by Gr@v1ty, April 05, 2010
Good luck and best wishes. Sorry that you have to go through this. Wish there was an easy solution. May you and your son have a splendid life together.
Language Girl
written by Language Girl, April 06, 2010
Be strong, for your son and for you. This is the first step, and soon you will have the courage to give this letter to your Dad.
He's an adult, and ultimately, no matter how much you love him, you are not responsible for him.
I wish you strength and the courage to do what only you can know is right for you

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