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Kingston entry gives my PC a zing!

Posted by: DBS

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OK so it was not actually a Kingston memory stick that I got given for Christmas. But this 8GB beauty has changed my work laptop from OK to great. I stuck it in and the option window came up asking me if I would like to use it as readyboost. What the hell I thought lets go for it.

Windows configured 4GB for the functionality and bingo my pc was zipping along. I am one of those users that has a lot of windows open and switching between them was slow.


If your PC is going slow and you have Windows 7 then give it a go.

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written by redsaid, January 13, 2012
I never knew that was possible! (Probably since I've never had Win 7.) But I will never look at another USB stick quite the same ever again, that's for sure, knowing that they harbour such "souping-up" potential!

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