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Kindle is King - Master of EBook Readers

Posted by: guardian angel

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guardian angel

I bought my husband a kindle about 8 months ago.  Not knowing too much about it, i contacted my sister who had already bought herself one as well as a friend of hers.  She also put me onto about 5 other friends that had also purchased a Kindle.  Well the feedback was "wow".  Of course, not being a avid reader, I needed to make sure that what i was buying would work for him.  Since purchasing this, I have become a Kindle widow.  Sad but true.  He loves it and cannot put it down.  Coming with so many great features one can only wonder what will come next.  Some of the features include :

ultra light - no heavy books to have to hold which in turn ensures that i dont have mounds of books to have to clean up

the screen itself has now glare - inside or out, the screen makes for easy reading - my husband uses a headlamp at night (we bought the one without the flip out reading light), and as much as the LED lamp is bright, there is no glare

the screen actually uses the latest E Ink, which is a new ink technology.  Clarity of formulation of words on the screen is amazing.  one has to look twice to make sure you are not looking at a printed page

the Kindle itself is very lightweight with a 6" reading area.  A side button makes for seamless page turning (simple click of the button) and it is small enough to hold in one hand - very convenient.  it weighs less than an average paperback.  After turning the Kindle off, when resuming reading at a later stage, it picks up from where you left off - brilliant feature

holds up to 3500 books (makes for tons of reading) but even more handy is the battery life.  Lasts up to 2 months before having to recharge again

Wi-Fi and 3G makes for a brilliant backup system when on the road.  Searching the net becomes a breeze.  As long as you are searching the net, the cost is free.  Limitations though  for secure sites.  (ie  banks or any password driven sites cannot be accessed)

other features - dictionary lookup, notes facility, highlighting feature and a great one for somebody like me - audio reader or Text to Speech.  Every loaded book, whether audio or not, can be read to you.  Something i could use all of the time

Twitter & facebook integration - send excerpts from passages if you want

price is amazing (roughly R2100 to order direct) and the service backup is great.  Ordered, paid and received within 4 days in the mail.


I saw on TV last night a new EBook reader from Homemark and i am very curious to see what features it has.  it looks a little bigger than the one i bought which might be a problem but let's see.  The going price is R999 from Homemark.

I still think the Kindle is the King of EBooks

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written by nakai, September 09, 2011

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