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Just as bad as them

Posted by: PattiLain

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I've heard (and joined in) many complaints of people leaving SA. But I've realised that some people here are just as bad.I'm no stranger to whingeing about crime. I do, however, count myself lucky that I've just lost 3 cell phones and only been mugged (at knifepoint) once.

But this blog is not about how warped our perceptions are because we consider ourselves lucky not to have been violently killed... yet.

This is about people in SA complaining about every damn thing. The people that leave, let them leave. I'm not yet at the point of considering it myself but I definitely see where they're coming from, especially those with children.

But those that stay are not necessarily better. They didn't all stay because of a profound love of SA. The other countries just didn't want them.

So, instead of leaving they content themselves with complaining and complaining and complaining.

They don't just complain about crime, AIDS, you know, the real problems. They get bored and petty and talk about little things that don't bother anyone. Sure, it would be nice with them, but we don't need 500 channels or a choice of 80 fast food chains. Sure, stuff like that is fun to try, so go on holiday there. But stop saying how SA is so vastly outclassed in every respect by the rest of the world.

"Oh, this is so much better in the UK,"; "If only SA had this, it's available in the US."; "At lease in Australia we don't have to..."

<sigh> It's sickening. I don't mind sincere discussions because yes, the country is in a very dire situation and the government's rule of Hypocracy is not helping. We all have something to complain about, but we all have something to be grateful for too!

If you're not hating and loathing every second of your existence then SA must have done something right, right?
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written by Ilva, October 01, 2007
written by Liquid circle, October 01, 2007
The gra*s is better on the other side because there is more s**t!
Also the more people leave the more opportunity for the ones that stay
written by james rond, October 01, 2007
You tell them straight little droplet. The s*%& bit is so true! Let the cowards leave if they can’t stand the heat! I’ve never been robbed, mugged, raped so I am not sure what they all complaining about. They say home is were your heart is or your love is… I love South Africa, not so much the land but the people.

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