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Journeying the dream

Posted by: Phoenix Benedict

Tagged in: Universe , resilience , lovers , journey , faith , dream , dogs , cat

Phoenix Benedict

It’s been 18 months since I started the Phoenix Benedict Music Academy with only 3 students and a whole lot of uncertainty and conviction. 65 students, 4 part-time tutors, 2 dogs, a cat and numerous would-be online lovers later - and we are ready for investors!



This dream has unfolded curtain by curtain in its own time, providing solutions to most challenges so far and confirming the brand as profitable, well-placed, steadfast and unique. Thank you, universe, for support in the seen and the unseen. People coming out of the woodwork, so to speak, to assist with advise, to mention another potential investor, to suggest another avenue of revenue.


Yet, lately I’ve been feeling extraordinarily tired, drained and overwhelmed with the new challenges right at my doorstep. Sometimes I lay awake at night praying, wondering, anticipating, trying to create back up plans in case plan B or C or D doesn’t work. Still the joy of the dream and the service to the countless students that will be going through my doors excites me. I guess I should be realistic but also keep the actual dream alive in the meantime. It just feels that in order to realize the dream, you sometimes have to go through a nightmare… Hopefully not every time;-) Thank you for your support from here onwards.

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