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Jessica Barker FOUND


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Thank you to every one who assisted, sympathised and put in effort to find our lovely dog.  Jesse is safe and sound back at home!  She was frightened and very thirsty but thank fully not hurt or ill.  A quick visit to the doggy parlour, Dirty Dogs, here in Nelspruit had her in good spirits soon after.  We had to have her dipped as she was covered in tiny red ticks, we wouldn't want to loose her to billary....

At least we can sleep again knowing our pup is safe and sound.  The next mission is to get her a much needed vibrating collar.  If anyone knows where we can buy such a collar it would be great to let me know.  It would mean that we would have to train her some more but we establish a means of calling her back to us.  No, a vibrating collar does not electrocute the dog! It vibrates much like a cellphone does and is an innovative way to communicate with the dog... I think, anyway!  Vibrating collars are not even easily available in first world coutries.  You can only imagine how hard it is to find one in RSA. 
If you have a deaf dog and you struggle to control or to communicate with it there are some great websites with information.  I even contacted Elizabeth-Ann Grewal who is a dog trainer who specialises in training deaf dogs in Australia.  I must give her a whole lot of praise as her advice is invaluable.  I am also going to take Jesse for obedience training with local dog trainers Pam and Linda who would like to make a case study of Jesse's training as they have never had a deaf pup to train before. 
I hope that all's well that ends well! 

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written by Doolally, October 15, 2010
Well glad she is home. The best way to try and find her a vibrating colloar would b eto phone the local Dog Unit of the police. Those guys know where to find any gadget regarding dogs. They would probably be the best to ask if they work and how well.

Now you just need to find a home where JB can't escape and all will be wellsmilies/wink.gif
written by WINDPOMP SHERRY, October 24, 2010
Hello, I am still looking for a collar and a place to stay! Jesse is not going to do well with other parents. She requires mountain sized heaps of patience...

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