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It's 9/11 month on TV

Posted by: guardian angel

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guardian angel

Now let me make myself very clear.  9/11 was a horrendous act upon innocent people and may the family and friends of those who died find strength to deal with it.

Now having said that, why should the world be reminded of this one act (and on DSTV we will have a month of 9/11 re-enactments) and yet nothing is mentioned of the almost 2 million people that have been killed by war in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001.  Nobody remembers them.  Not even a mention on TV.  I am not talking about so called terrorists, i am talking about women and children.  Nobody shows you the hundreds of thousands of individuals who have now become disabled due to this war that America feel is justified.

To date the shame song plays over and over - Osama Bin Laden (who is still alive and well), the 19 alleged hijackers (some of which are alive and well), Saddam Hussein (who is dead because he harboured weapons of Mass Destruction - which he never had but was killed anyway), the Taliban in Afghanistan who had nothing to do with 9/11, but because they treat their women badly they are bad guys.....and as of today another two american soldiers have been killed (they are fighting a war on terror of which they are losing badly, just as the Russians did for 20 years and the Brits).  America and Britian went to war on a lie and the sad thing is that 2 million innocent women and children had to die for something they might not even have known about. When 9/11 happened in America, who, in Iraq and Afghanistan  would have known that their country would be at war based on mis-information and lies.

When will the story change.  Are there really terrorists in these countries and if so, exactly what are the determining criteria for the word "terrorist".  Why does Barrack Obama say that the troops are leaving Iraq (FINALLY!!) but 50 000 will remain.  For what.  They arent dismantelling their army bases..

Why has nobody answered any of the pertinent questions about 9/11 and why punt the same old story.  Why put those families who have lost loved ones on 9/11 through the pain again and again.  Dont people have a heart.  Remembering is one thing, but at least remember it with justice.  Dont blame people and countries that had nothing to do with it, go to war, kill millions of innocents and say that it is in the name of democracy and the "war on terror".  Utter rubbish. 

Now American Muslims are having to defend themselves by putting a television advert out stating that they were part of the rescue mission on 9/11 and are muslim (it is to get across to the ignorant that they, like millions others, are merely people and shouldnt be feared).  And what of the idiot Christian Paster who is going to have a Burn the Quran day on 9/11.  Are people born that stupid.  I think not.  They choose to blinker themselves and listen and believe what they are told - like sheep.

Let's get back to reality.  Let the muslims sort their own country problems out - if they fight amongst each other for whatever reason, let them be but dont target them and use 9/11 as the excuse, when in fact it is merely ethnic cleansing.  As intelligent people, lets move on, use our grey matter in areas that need it (eg  curing cancer, strategising on how to feed the poverty stricken countries).  If the amount of money spent on weapons world wide was put together, we would have no famine, poverty, etc. 

If we cant do justice to EVERYBODY who died (in all countries concerned), then dont do justice as all, because it becomes  injustice.


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written by Dissol, September 02, 2010
Well, to put some of the facts straight...I think there are a number of programmes detailing the actions in Iraq, and (mostly) Afghanistan: I watched one the other day, where I even recognised some of the troops (looking much older than when I last saw them...!). Maybe I have been looking out for them (and ignoring many of the 9/11 programmes, as too many of them become morbid, and I think there is nothing to be learned from the way they are presented). I agree, there has been much wrong with the way that the western world has reacted to the atrocities of 9/11. The basis of their offensive into Iraq was wrong; I am sure if they had waited another couple of months then they could have gone with full UN approval. They did (and do) have full UN approval for their actions in Afghanistan. Clearly, the country was a failed state under the Taliban, and the world could not sit idley by while human rights atrocities were being enacted there. Speaking to some of the UN troops who have come home from there, is really shocking. The widespread abuse of particularly women was dreadful.

Osama bin Laden is alive, but I doubt even his most strident followers would claim him to be well. He is a sick mad man in hiding. I am amazed (and rather shocked) that he has not been caught yet. Saddam Hussein was tried and given the death sentence by his own people. As I do not agree with capital punishment, I do not condone that action, in my mind it should have been life imprisonment, with hard labour, for the atrocities he committed on his own people. He was murdering millions, and would have continued unchecked if he was not removed. The story of the kurds in the North of Iraq has yet to be properly given, and assimilated, possibly because few survivors have been left to tell the world.

The troops (not just US & Britain, but there is a global UN force in Afghanistan & Iraq now) have to remain to try to keep justice. The Iraqi and Afghanistan forces are fighting against some really cruel insurgents, who will happily murder whole families if they think one member is working for the state, or for any of the UN forces. There is incredible intimidation on the ground, and the forces have to try to keep the peace, to protect the innocent people on the ground.

Why restrict it to muslim countries? I don't understand that. Presently there are over 40 countries represented in the global coalition in Afghanistan. It is a global, UN force. It is the way the UN should work - protecting the human rights of the most vulnerable populations on the planet. I think there needs to be more actions like this in the future. The forces in Serbia were mostly European forces, but I feel that should have been a UN operation too.

I think the general population has been hoodwinked over 9/11. Saddam had nothing to do with it - he was a sworn enemy of Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden is a Saudi, as were most of the hijackers - any investigations need to look there. They haven't because of the political (and financial) relationship between the US & the Saudi's. But that is where we need to dig; that is where many of the clerics who promote violence appear to come from. That is where much of the support for the Taliban came from.

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