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It must be Saturday! - An addictive Viewpoint

Posted by: Jawellnofine

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It must be Saturday! Deduction as to why: watching an inane movie on TV and not worrying whether the boss walks in and catches me doing nothing. Oh yes, and the maid arrived today to give the place its regular shake down and iron some clothes. Besides that, it could have been Monday.

 That is why I cannot count myself amongst the many addicted yobos who cannot get through a day without the urge to type some words to post on some Blog site. I mean, here I sit watching TV and all.

 It is said that something thing is only an addiction when the afflicted admits to the addiction. Thus, using the aforesaid premise, I am not addicted. I am just a stable multi-tasking blogger who gets off using glutinated words while simultaneously glancing over to the TV; and typing a response to a friend in OZ via MSN.

 Maybe this whole addiction stuff is only a conspiracy. It has to be. How else would psychologists make a living if we, the so called afflicted, did not feel impelled to bare our souls to some stranger that claims to understand the workings of the human mind – I swear on my oath that I had a normal dysfunctional childhood. I was not abused and I did not go around maiming small critters for enjoyment and sexual gratification. And I have not raped any women although I am a sensitive purveyor of pornography…and what a comfortable couch you have.

 Well, its Saturday. I’ve typed my fill of words for the day. All that is left is to call up a web site, type in my user password and copy-paste my scribblings into the required space on the web site and click on 'Save blog entry.'

 As for my so called addiction, maybe some other time.


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written by Jawellnofine, August 25, 2007
If nothing else, the 300 somewhat words would have elicited a mediocre response from the 'it's me, it's my creativity' bloggers out there.

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