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It isn't only the Gees, we are being treated to stunning football ..

Posted by: barrmar


This evening I found myself envying the foreigners that seem to be filling every empty space all over South Africa. They are free from having to share their World Cup experience with work! 

So far, the matches have been fiercely contested producing a number of excellent performances by some and disappointments by others. The stadiums are stunning. Many of the games have been enthralling. And its only day three!  

One of the highlights of the World Cup to date was this evening's match between Germany and Australia. We saw a display of skills that have been unparalleled in this competition so far! 

Australia disappointed against the mighty Germany whose confident and accurate passing gave them a clear advantage from the opening moments of the match. Seldom did a pass not reach its target as the German team repeatedly moved into Australian territory. This precision carried through to the timing of the German balls where off-side calls were few and far between. 

The first goal was enough to shatter Australia's confidence. Australia fought back ineffectually, unable to evade their German markers. They resorted to silly fouls that achieved nothing but earned a string of yellow cards and one (perhaps unjustified) red.  

Is Australia really that weak or is Germany a really formidable team? Soon all will be revealed as the other group D matches take place. 

Earlier in the day, we saw Ghana putting on an impressive performance against Serbia. Ghana achieved a late win through a penalty of a hand ball.  Ghana is the first African team to have produced a win.

Based on their performance in Plolokwane, neither Algeria nor Slovenia should expect to reach the Group of 16. Both teams produced unconvincing performances with Slovenia eventually managing a single goal. 

Tomorrow sees another three interesting matches that include our first glimpse of Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Japan, Camaroon and Paraguay.  

The main problem is how to find the time to watch everything! 

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written by Paralyzer, June 14, 2010
i think most people were rooting for germany than austrilia,espicially at the stadium.given our history with austrilia i dont blame them.lets see what happens at 16h00 today

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