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iPhone For Me

Posted by: The Pianist

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The Pianist

Apple  have unveiled their new iPhone 4G phone, and from most who have reviewed the product, it has received the thumbs up.  It seems that everything about this device is user friendly, from its sharp image screen, to its new operating system, to its flat backside design.


Apparently the main function of the phone took priority with this IPhone, and that it must be able to call came to Apple’s attention, and thus came a new operating system. 

The one criticism of the phone that is not appealing, was the Micro-SIM, which might make moving your SIM from IPhone 3G to IPhone 4G a problem.  Apple seem to make it impossible, constantly, for one to build onto their collection, or upgrade their products.  Take for example, Apple Mac’s USB port’s close proximity to each other.  One has to buy an extension in order to be able to plug in a 3G connection, a mouse, and a USB stick.

Another problem is the glass that smudges easily.  Most people handle their IPhones with their fingers, but when they are left with dirty smudges after just washing their hands, their new gadget seems more of an embarrassment then a glamorous device.


Some final fun touches on this phone include iMovies and iBooks.  This once again shows how many fun applications Apple can squeeze into a little device that is able to comfortably fit in one’s hands.


It seems that gadget lovers, and your everyday person will put this device on their wish list.  I know I have.

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written by Jas, June 08, 2010
I still think the Samsung Wave rocks! HD recording, Super OLED screen, great battery life...

It's only being released in July, but a couple of us have been fortunate to get our dirty fingers on them (and get to keep them on them permanently too!)
The Pianist
written by The Pianist, June 08, 2010
Jas, i wanna see it asap!!! When's dinner?

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