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iPhone App Review: ElectroBeats by David Guetta(Free; $9.99 ) - Make your own Electro!

Posted by: msbodetti

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Ok to be honest, when I first got this App I had no clue what to do really. But then again I am not familiar with Beat Pads or how they work.

But after a while you can get a hang of it!

So what exactly does this App do?

It can't get any simpler. It's basically a Beat Pad for your iDevice that has been created in cooperation with David Guetta. It has some of his beats and songs which you can mix around with to make your own Electro. And if you have heard some of his songs, you know how good it is!

You can watch the video below I made of how easy it is to make your own Electro with this App. Or you can scroll down for a Step by Step guide.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this video

How to make your Electro in ElectroBeats

1. Download and Install ElectroBeats from the iTunes store. You can get the free version with no exporting functionality or get the full version with exporting functions at $9.99. It's available for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad

2. Open ElectroBeats on your iDevice and the first thing you will see is the beat pads interface. If you press one of the pads, they will each have their own sound or beat or if you press the Play button at the top left corner, it will play a song preset.

3. To get yourself used to the different beats and songs go to File at the bottom and under the heading Song - Load and choose one of the songs there. Then go to Kit - Load -  and choose a Drum or Construction Kit. Then go back to the Sequencer where the beat pads are and press the Play button. It's different with different beats.

Keep toggling the settings to get used to them.

4. Now to play your own beat. Go to Settings - Pattern and press the Clear Current Pattern. It will clear what ever preset was there and now you can make your own!

Go back to the Sequencer. Press the Play button to test if there's no pattern. There should be no sound. Test the pads by pressing one of them.

Press the Record button at the Top right corner. Now both the Play and Record buttons should be lit and a tempo tick tick sound should be hear.

Press any two to three pads and wait to hear your beat!

For Exporting Your Song (Paid version)

1. Press the Record button to stop playing and recording your beat. Go to File and go to the bottom. There should be an Exporting options: Wav file or 16 Parts Wav file.
The difference between both is that the Wav file exports the song in one file
And 16 Parts Wav file exports it to the different beats so you can mix and match them on a audio editing program like Audacity.

2. Once you select either one, you can enter a name for it. The 16 parts will be named with your own title with numbers at the end to number each one different or in order.

3. Plug in your iDevice to your computer and go to it in iTunes. Press the Apps Tab at the top and you should see File Sharing at the bottom. ElectroBeats should be in there.
Select ElectroBeats and you should see your Wav files in the right hand side table.
Select your Wav files and press the Save to… button to save it where ever you want on your computer!

Additional Notes

You can put custom beats for specific Pads by going to Edit - Load sound and choose from hundreds of different beats. NB remember to select Record Button to stop recording so you can choose your own beat for the pad. So press record, choose the Pad you want to change and then go to Edit.

You can Mute different Pads to make some beats play alone. Just press the Pad button at the bottom and choose Mute/Solo. Then select the Pads you want to mute. When you want to bring it back, just press it again.

You can also change the Velocity and Pitch for different pads. Remember to select the record button to stop recording and choose the Pad you want to change.

You can change the length of your song or beat by going to Settings - Pattern Length and choose your desired length (It goes up to 8 bars)

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