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iPad or iFad?

Posted by: Jas

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I’ve always really thought of most Apple products as something I would never really want to get involved with, what with their release cycles, and that they only add very small amounts of functionality between these releases (iPhone 3 and iPhone 3G, for example).

This is also further highlighted with the iPhone 4S, that while it includes new hardware architecture changes, the main attraction is of course, Siri.

However, even as Apple says that Siri is only available for the iPhone 4S – because it can only make use of the stronger architecture – this is, of course, an almost blatant lie. Looking at the Wikipedia page, Siri was originally bought from another company that had it running on multiple versions of multiple mobile OS’ – and not just Apple’s iOS. In fact, it was even available in the Apple App Store. (reference:

Further, it’s also been reported that the iPhone 4 is also more than capable of running it, although you’ll have to jailbreak your phone to get there (Slashdot says so:

But let me not get too distracted from the purpose of this post!

I’ve always jokingly said that the iPad is an iFad – thinking it more of a gimmick more so than something that can actually be used by people as something useful (so it is exactly that, a fad). But recently one of my mates bought the iPad 2, so I managed to get my hands on it for some time…

And I have to say, I’m impressed. While the lacking applications is somewhat of a disappointment – there weren’t really any particular applications that I wanted to install or look through (I still very much love the WWW rather than using all these “apps” to access something that I can just point-my-browser to), the allure of being able to sit in my bed and peruse the Internet at my leisure was a huge draw card for me.

Typing on the screen was fast and reflexive, and I was able to flesh out a fairly large document in a very short amount of time, sitting in my living room, series blaring at me from the background.

The sad reality is that, after playing with the iPad (and getting past the fact that you have to install iTunes in order to actually make use of it), I actually really wouldn’t mind getting an iPad 2. I’ve even figured out that it’s quite possible to instead install iTunes (along with the other bloatware QuickTime that it installs on your system) into a shinny nice Virtual Machine – keeping it isolated from your main machine – and let it activate and sync from there.

The only thing that still gets me down with it: the price. It’s still rather excessive (for what you get). Fortunately for me, I don’t need the 3G version. I just don’t know whether I should take the plunge and go for the device… Or wait for the iPad 3 to be released?

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written by Jas, November 02, 2011
Sorry for not doing better work with the hyperlinks as usual - the editor wouldn't open the "add hyperlink" window for me here, and of course, I'm not able to gain access to the direct underlying HTML (you used to be able to?), so I had to just do a sloppy job ;-(

If I can get that window to display, I'll edit and make it look better!
written by redsaid, November 02, 2011
I also caved and, on a recent overseas trip, finally bought my first Apple device (iPod Touch - was justified purchase though, because my ancient Creative Zen mp3 player has been on the fritz for eons and my camera gave up the ghost while I was on the trip!). It is WiFi and I don't have a router, so it's a bit of an annoyance in that respect.

I also think Apple in ZA is still way too overpriced though!

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